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Thyroid and weight loss

We have so many people coming to us with an underactive thyroid or who have had their thyroid removed. Others will come to us saying that they have had their thyroid tested and nothing had shown up as being underactive, but are still struggling with weight loss. They are more often than not complaining that they either can’t lose weight or their weight loss is so slow.

Whatever the thyroid issue is, we have found time after time, that our clients have been able to lose weight with The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme.

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Health and weight Loss

Is being overweight causing you concern about your health? Some of the most common concerns of being overweight are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and joint problems. We are only too aware that losing weight may help these and other factors such as breathlessness, quality of sleep and tiredness.

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Weight loss for men

Weight gain in men usually occurs around the middle, giving a pot belly. This can creep up over the years leaving one wondering how this ever happened?

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What can affect the metabolic rate?

The metabolic rate is the speed our bodies convert stored energy into usable energy.If the body has difficulty or is not able to use the energy from food, then it turns to fat.

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What is the best diet to do?

There are so many diets available, no wonder we can end up totally confused going from one diet to another. The best diet should be healthy, easy to follow and sustainable.

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What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition in which the body produces too little or too much insulin which regulates blood sugar. According to Diabetes UK, there are 3.3 million people diagnosed with the condition in the UK alone.

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